Radio Oscillations #260 Fuzzy Warbles Takeover

Tonight at 20:00 CET
Fats Domino – If You Don’t Know What Love Is
Little Esther Philips & Big Al Downing – You Never Miss Your Water
Billy (The Kid) Emerson – I Never Get Enough
Roscoe Shelton – My Best Friend
Etta James – Seven Day Fool
Meri Saunders – Tighten Up
Little Willie John – All Around The World
Etta and Harvey – Spoonful
Fontella Bass – My Good Loving
L.B. Wilson – Don’t
Moss Tolbert – Money In My Pocket
Bobby Bland – Good Time Charlie (Working His Groove Bag)
Mark Wirtz – Comin’ Home Baby
Enoch Light – Pass And I Call You
Kit Larimer – One Fine Morning
Sapo – Get It On
The Silhouettes – Lunar Invasion
Blossom Deare – I Like London In The Rain
Skorpyons Of Jamaica – Think About It

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