Subspace Watusi #125

Mix from Iron Blu tonight at 8pm #techno #acid #electro
Perseus Traxx – Thirty Seconds Later
Hugo Massien – Alien Shapes
Machino – Eco
Tronik Youth – Clasp (Connor Remix)
Rennie Foster – Witch Hazel
Mandingo – Another Dub On Earth
tecwaa – El Kopan (Force Majeure Remix)
The Burrell Connection – Orbit 512
Lauren Flax – It’s Ours
DJ Arg – Trend Cnuts
Man2.0 – So Long And Thanks For The Cutoff Adjustment
Stratton – Fump
Violet Passion – Laide Presenze

Radio Oscillations #265 Fuzzy Warbles Takeover

Tonight at 8pm more soul, library music and much more from the Fuzzy Warbles crew
Ltd Exchange – Corazon
Barrabas – Checkmate
Ltd Exchange – Waterbed
The Reflections – Three Steps From True Love
Pat Lundi – Party Music
Street People – Never Get Enough Of Your Love
Crown Heights Affair – Dream Me A Dream
The Rhythm Makers – Can You Feel It
K. Papworth – Hard Hitter
Alan Parker – Gut
Winkler/Rauter – Harry Can Drive
Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw – Hot Pants
Soul Survivor – Sunshine Superman
Sammy Burdson – She’s The Boss
Silvio/Cortley – Export
Jack Trombey – Stetson
R.Webb – Assignation
Alan Parker – Pusher
Steve Grey – Bulldozer
G. Grant – Good Company

Weapons Of Desire #2

Second of the new monthly mix series from the three owners of the label Weapons Of Desire, in rotation every fourth Wednesday.
Yuri Shulgin – Boogie Space (Cocktail D’Amore)
Auto Sound City – B Boy Acid (Dub Plate)
Jerome Hill – Mole Hole Acid “Auto Sound City Remix” (Weapons Of Desire WOD004)
Mantra – Third Mind (Bunker)
Auto Sound City – AYU-2 (Dub Plate)
Q-Chip – Quantum Jumping (Gnosis Holland)
Auto Sound City – Chromesthesia (Rekkids/Flight Recorder)
The Auditor – Get Down (Downfall Recordings)
Bloodline – Bloodline (Apron Records)
DMX Krew – Permanent Reminder, Transitions (Libertine)
Northern Powerhouse – Epic Like Heston (Northern Powerhouse)
Nite Vision – Sight Beyond Sight “Rennie Foster Remix” (Weapons Of Desire WOD006)
Iron Blu – Fiery Jack “Consequence Vs. The Auditor Downfall Remix” (Weapons Of Desire WOD005)

Subspace Watusi #124

Tonight at 8pm a new mix in the series from Iron Blu #techno #acid
Cherriep – Outro
Bawrut -I Hear Voices (Timothy Clerkin Remix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – In Excess
Pedro Sanmartin – Amazonas (Ludowick Remix)
Posthuman – Wake Up (Acid Mix)
Muzikalist – Acid Wax On Your Face
Connor – Stratos
T and K Crew – Memory Child (Acid Tool Mix)
The Third Man – Nightflight
Kornel Kovacs – Babasonic
ConSequence – They’re At It Again
Neil Landstrumm feat Brain Rays – Rectorate Power
Rogue Ybarra – Clink Clink