Subspace Watusi #124

Tonight at 8pm a new mix in the series from Iron Blu #techno #acid
Cherriep – Outro
Bawrut -I Hear Voices (Timothy Clerkin Remix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – In Excess
Pedro Sanmartin – Amazonas (Ludowick Remix)
Posthuman – Wake Up (Acid Mix)
Muzikalist – Acid Wax On Your Face
Connor – Stratos
T and K Crew – Memory Child (Acid Tool Mix)
The Third Man – Nightflight
Kornel Kovacs – Babasonic
ConSequence – They’re At It Again
Neil Landstrumm feat Brain Rays – Rectorate Power
Rogue Ybarra – Clink Clink

Radio Oscillations #263 Fuzzy Warbles Takeover

Tonight at 8pm an hour plus of #acid folk #psyche rock, #jazz fusion
Kikagaku Moyo – Green Sugar
Pride – The Death Of Juan Diaz
Living Stones – Disillusion
Ian Matthews – House Of Un-American Blues Activity
Benny Soebardja – End Of The World
Rainbow Family – Travelling Lady
Aquila – How Many More Times
Syd Arthur – Summer Is Leaving Me
Leong Lau – The Atlas Revolution
Pawnshop – Please Don’t Say No
Doug Jerebine – Ain’t So Hard To Do
The Mike Nock Underground – Space Bugaloo
Matti Oiling – Passi Ja Porkkana
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society – Suite 19